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This listing of Black Belts represent individuals who have been issued certificates by authorized organizations and individuals involved with styles of karate related to the Uechi root system. This Bureau is for information purposes only. Black Belts wishing to register must provide all the information requested in the accompanying form. If anyone can provide proof that a registered black belt's listing is incorrect, that listing will be removed. Generally, this information must come from the person listed as that student's instructor on the form or head of the organization in charge of issuing the certificate.

Unless the applicant's teacher is already registered, or unless the person was tested directly by a recognized Uechi/Shoheiryu/Pwangainoon/Kenyukai organization, the student will not be able to be registered on this site. As stated in an earlier editorial, the purpose of the Registration Bureau is to enlighten the general public as to the authenticity of black belts listed. There is no way to determine the quality of one's black belt, but at least those registered here will have passed standards generally accepted within the Uechi-ryu community. People will, based on the Bureau's linkage, be able to trace all black belts back to an Okinawan organization, thus assuring a minimum standard of proficiency for the Dan certificates issued to those registered in the Bureau.

I will automatically list those names belonging to the IUKF and NAC, since I know the background and test information regarding these individuals. Please help with the process and send in your organization's information ASAP. Thank You. GEM

Note: Please email David Kahn regarding any incorrect information posted on the Bureau. If anyone wishes to question the authenticity of a person's rank, please send that information to me. Thanks. GEM